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Simon is a memory game from the 1970s which involved an electronic device with four coloured buttons. Those buttons light up in a certain order (also producing a musical note), and then you're supposed to repeat the sequence. If you manage to do that, the sequence gets longer by one note and the game repeats.

This set of games involves a similar concept, sometimes with more than four buttons.

Game Like Simon download selection by Jørgen Walters. May 17, 2015

  1. Sveerz
    Sveerz Download
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    (5 votes)

    Sveerz is a musical game where you will have to mimic the tunes you hear.

    ...resembles the old console game "Simon", and it can ...unregistered version of this game has no time...

  2. Music Memory
    Music Memory Download
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    Music Memory is a small Flash game that puts your memory to the test.

    ...the musical notes. The game is free to download ...the musical notes, the game lets you learn and...

  3. Accessible Simon SV

    This game is designed specifically for visually impaired computer users.

    Accessible Simon SV is designed ...complete access to this game. When the game begins, you will...

  4. Ear and Memory Training
    Ear and Memory Training Download
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    (2 votes)

    This software will help you develop tonal memory skills in recognizing notes.

    ..."Musical Memory Game". In this game, freely inspired by the game "Simon Says", the...

  5. Logic Games for Kids

    LOGIC GAMES provides fifteen programs that challenge a child's thinking skills.

    ...pairs of cards. - SIMON SAYS is an echo game that challenges memory...

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